PERK Brain Activities with Sandy Samra

Perk Activities is a program designed to help our minds stay active and sharp as we age. Each week, for one hour, participants engage in a variety of exercises using their imagination, creativity and memory. Some of the exercises are based on theatre games such as improvisation, pantomime, sensory work and scene study. Other exercises encompass word challenge, concentration and memory.

Sandy, our Recreations and Programs Manager, is hosting the PERK Brain Activities.

Chair Yoga with Annette Wertman

Jason has been managing all aspects of the real estate portfolio for the Wertman Group for the last fifteen years- from restoring and maintaining residential properties to commercial leasing to being heavily involved in the construction of the projects.  Jason has been involved in the Leo Wertman Residence from inception through construction and is now overseeing the day to day operations.  While new to the retirement living industry, he has a wealth of knowledge in creating and maintaining high quality living spaces and is eager to keep Legacy Senior Living at the pinnacle of perfection in luxury retirement accommodation.

Fitness Classes with Peter Ho

Peter Ho is an ACE-certified personal trainer, fitness coach and powerlifter. His years of experience as the head trainer for all the BC branches of Planet Fitness is a wonderful addition to the Legacy fitness team. Peter will host group workout classes specialized in helping our residents achieve gradual and sustainable fitness success. The Legacy fitness classes will focus on the basic core exercises needed to help maintain and improve everyday joint movements. There are also special core stability workouts designed to help seniors regain their balance.  Peter will also be offering new, one-on-one personal training programs.

It is never too late to work towards a healthier active lifestyle!

Zumba, Fitness & Meditation Classes with Antonya

Antonya Raymond is a creative and passionate advocate of dance, movement, and nutrition education. Her goal is to motivate, connect, and assist individuals in reaching their full potential through performance and optimal nutrition. At Legacy, she teaches Zumba, fitness, and meditation classes that keep the residents happy and healthy. She strongly believes that the key to being a successful dancer, performer, and instructor is 80% nutrition – 20% movement – 100% attitude.