Fitness – Legacy Senior Living

PERK Brain Activities with Rosemary Moritz

Perk Activities is a program designed to help our minds stay active and sharp as we age. Each week, for one hour, participants engage in a variety of exercises using their imagination, creativity and memory. Some of the exercises are based on theater games such as improvisation, pantomime, sensory work and scene study. Other exercises encompass word challenge, concentration and memory.

Rosemary Moritz, founder, has a B.A. from the University of Southern California and an M.A. from California State Polytechnic University. She has studied acting at The Playhouse in Los Angeles, CA with the late Milton Katselas and performed in plays, television, and movies. The documentary, Power of Place, which she directed and produced, won the Apple Award for education at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Yoga With Chair with Annette Wertman

When most people today use the word yoga, they’re generally referring to the physical exercises, which comprise a variety of body postures and breathing techniques. Together, these have become popular as a kind of low-impact physical exercise, and are increasingly used by older adults for various health purposes: relaxation; physical and mental fitness; illness prevention; and disease management. Chair yoga is an adaptation of regular yoga in which exercises are done while sitting or holding onto a chair, rather than sitting on a yoga mat on the floor. By providing extra stability, the chair reduces anxiety and makes yoga a safe exercise for most older adults. Make no mistake, though: Although the chair replaces the mat, chair yoga still provides a challenging workout that is sure to improve your health!

Annette is a certified Yoga instructor and Music Therapist with over 40 years of experience working with children and adults of all abilities and challenges. Annette completed her M.A in Gerontology at Simon Fraser University.

Fitness Classes with Dale Nichols

Dale Nichols is an ACE-certified Fitness Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist. His daily classes are designed to be engaging, challenging, and fun for all participants. Dale’s fitness classes focus on developing bodyweight strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. He also leads chair yoga sessions centred on breathing, stretching, and relaxation.

When not in the Fitness Centre, you can catch Dale at the lobby piano a few times each week, performing songs for afternoon sing-a-long and evening dinner music. His repertoire spans many decades and genres. As a composer, arranger, and pianist, Dale has enjoyed entertaining audiences around the globe for several years.

Zumba, Fitness & Meditation Classes with Antonya

Antonya Raymond is a creative and passionate advocate of dance, movement, and nutrition education. Her goal is to motivate, connect, and assist individuals in reaching their full potential through performance and optimal nutrition. At Legacy, she teaches zumba, fitness, and meditation classes that keep the residents happy and healthy. She strongly believes that the key to being a successful dancer, performer, and instructor is 80% nutrition – 20% movement – 100% attitude.