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Assisted Living

No worries, We’ll be There

We know aging presents health challenges such as arthritis, vision impairment, high blood pressure, heart conditions and diabetes. Mobility and cognitive issues add to the complexity of each health picture. Our residents receive support and guidance to manage their health independently from our Wellness Navigator. They have the added comfort knowing that help for emergencies, return from hospital treatment, or daily Assisted Living Services is readily available. Our Resident Attendants provide these services under the supervision of the Registered Nurse known as our Wellness Navigator. So truly – don’t worry as we will be there.

Assisted Living Service Plans

On-going Assisted Living Services are customized to meet your needs and preferences. Some residents may need only one or two services while others will benefit from a convenient bundle that is supervised and discreetly provided in the privacy of your suite.

You may choose from a la carte services or bundled service packages.

Services offered include:

  • Medication Assistance
  • Scheduled Morning or Evening Service – personal grooming, hygiene, dressing/undressing
  • Showering/Bathing Assistance
  • Room Service
  • Companions Service
  • Temporary Services for recovery from Hospital
  • Personal Laundry
  • Daily Check-ups

Comfort Service Package

For those whose comfort will be assured by a daily 15 minute service (personal grooming, hygiene, dressing and support), wellness navigator oversight of health &wellness, 24 hour access to resident attendants for emergent events.

Enhanced Service Packages

Tier 1: This includes up to 30 minutes of service daily.  This package can include 1 medication daily, 1 weekly shower assistance, weekly personal laundry.

Tier 2: This includes all Tier 1 service with 45 minutes of service daily.  This package includes up to 3 medications per daily and 2 shower assists weekly.

Meeting Regulations

Legacy Senior Living meets all requirements of the Health Ministry and is registered to provide Assisted Living Services. Eligible residents must be cognizant and able to direct their own care and be safe in our environment.