Why Live in a Retirement Residence?

When you are fit, active and able to attend to your daily needs, it can be hard to see why a retirement residence might be a good choice. The important things to consider are how much time and energy you spend on chores or maintenance of your current home, or perhaps how your social sphere has shrunk if you don’t like driving longer distances or at night. It’s the little things that can be tiring—and let’s be honest, boring.

Living in a retirement residence allows you to keep your independence—to come and go as you please, while giving you the freedom and luxury of time. Our job is to make your life easier and better.

The Benefits of Living in a Retirement Residence:

Forget Mundane Chores & Home Maintenance

  • You can forget about strata councils, leaking roofs, plumbing and electrical worries, and other home repairs.
  • You can relax and enjoy your free time without chores. No more vacuuming, changing the bed linens, washing floors, mowing the lawn—or tracking down someone reliable to do those things for you.
  • You will enjoy nutritious, delicious, and varied meals every day. Even the keenest cooks are often burdened by daily meal preparation, especially if you live alone.

Expand Your Social Activities & Network

  • You will make new friends who share your hobbies and interests.
  • You can get back into that hobby you loved but gave up years ago because you never had time. Fully organized facilities for woodworking, creative arts, and other pursuits mean you’ll always have the space to work on your projects.
  • You can spend your day doing activities or going on outings with your friends and neighbours or just relax in your beautiful apartment reading a good book until it’s time for a pre-dinner drink in our bistro.

Feel Safe & Secure

  • You never have to worry about falling on the stairs or being alone at night because someone is always available to respond to any emergency.
  • You’ll never have to drive in the dark or in the pouring rain or snow again with our chauffeur service. In fact, with our convenient central location, you’ll never have to drive again if you don’t want to.

Let Us Help You Stay Healthy & Fit

  • You will be able to stay—or get—fit and healthy with our gym and exercise programs.
  • You’ll be connected with our on-site wellness professionals if you are ever concerned about a health-related issue.

It all adds up to this: nothing changes, and yet everything does! You keep your independence, doing what you like with your time, on your terms, but free of the worries and loneliness of a place that’s too much for your needs.