Health & Wellness

You already know that good health is a gift.  Keeping that gift depends on the choices you make each day.  The good news is that it’s never too late to improve.  At Legacy, we’ve created a variety of experiences to keep you healthy – mind, body and soul.  So check out our Calendar of Events to discover what holistic well-being events awaits you each day.

Let our Health Experts Help

You have a team of experts in health, physical fitness, brain health and nutrition at your fingertips.  Our Wellness Nurse provides personal professional consultations, ongoing clinics for blood pressure and weight control.  Seminars by specialists in speech, mobility, hearing, foot care, and assistive devices will keep you up-to-date with current information.  And of course, when the need arises, assisted living or personal care services can be organized quickly.

Legacy Senior Fitness Class Photo

To keep you fit, use the specially designed fitness studio equipment at any time or join Annette for Ageless Yoga to improve your breathing, balance, flexibility and relaxation.  Top this up with regular fitness classes with supervised equipment use lead by  our certified fitness trainers.  Not to be forgotten is brain health – it’s been proven that our brains are plastic so join us for PERK Activities to improve memory, attention span and sharpness.

There you have it – holistic health and well-being close at hand so it’s easy to begin and stay involved.

We’re your first Responders when you have an Emergency

When you suddenly feel ill, experience chest pain, feel dizzy or have a fall, our trained Resident Attendants will respond when you press your personal alert button anywhere in the building, or call us with your in-suite phone or pull your bathroom cord.  Within a few minutes, emergency paramedics will be summoned to attend to you.  You will never feel insecure again knowing that we’ll be there.