What Others Are Saying - Legacy Senior Living

What Others Are Saying

Hazel Stevens

“The décor is so bright, welcoming and cheerful, the Chef is outstanding and the service surpasses any five-star restaurant I’ve been to. I am very much at home here at Legacy.”

Hazel Stevens - Resident

At Legacy I feel like I have a big pair of arms wrapped around me in a big hug.

Anne Hersh - Resident

” I had no plans to go to any sort of retirement home, but great good fortune intervened in the person of my son, who one Sunday was taken around Legacy. Everything he told me about it – all good – has stacked up marvellously: the best staff that I have ever encountered in a similar facility; exercise classes SEVEN days a week; many mentally advantageous activities; a library; a gym; a spa; pretty good food and good chefs; very clean attention to all kinds of detail and most staff with a sense of humour.”

Diana Filer - Resident (Retired CBC Executive Producer)

"I remember when we entered the lobby for the first time at Legacy, there was a gentleman playing the piano. My husband Gordon looked at me and said 'this is the place for me!'. The atmosphere is so calm and welcoming and the staff are so accommodating. There's also so much to do if you choose to, if you don't that's okay. It's a social place where you can enjoy new friendships."

Kathleen Jones - Resident

"Legacy has excellent staff, food and amenities."

Arthur Hara - Resident (Retired Chairman of the Board, Mitsubishi Canada)

"My love of artistic pursuits like painting and singing has been a big part of my life. I like that Legacy offers opportunities to continue to enjoy the things that I love like painting classes and a weekly sing-along group."

Mary McCallum - Resident (Retired Social Worker, BC Children's Hospital)