What Others Are Saying - Legacy Senior Living

What Others Are Saying

Eva Yen

I tell my senior friends, don’t wait until you become dependent on family members for your care. Now is the time to take care of yourself and enjoy a lifestyle that supports your independence. At Legacy, I have everything I need to live a happy and healthy life. I know I made the right choice.

Eva Yen - Resident
Eve Blank

This is the place you’ve been waiting for! Legacy is new and fresh and the perfect size which makes it feel warm and welcoming and the staff is so friendly and helpful. The food is fabulous and service is always exceptional. But more than that, there’s a very special feeling and spirit here that says “welcome to all– let’s celebrate life together.

Eve Blank - Resident
Hazel Stevens

“The décor is so bright, welcoming and cheerful, the Chef is outstanding and the service surpasses any five-star restaurant I’ve been to. I am very much at home here at Legacy.”

Hazel Stevens - Resident

Don and Kathleen Pooley

We were sold on our first visit to Legacy. The cuisine, ambiance and appearance is that of a five-star hotel and the staff and other residents are friendly, courteous and outgoing. My wife feels that we’re on a holiday, and at some point we’ll have to go home!

Don & Kathleen Pooley - Residents

Legacy Senior Living is a warm and welcoming “5 Diamond type hotel” that provides everything for honoured residents and guests. My family and I can take comfort in knowing that my Mother is happy, healthy, safe, secure, and pampered in a magnificent hotel-type complex. The Legacy Senior Living is truly the pinnacle of what a senior residence should be. Legacy celebrates and honours its residences in a way that just cannot be emulated at the very few comparable residences in BC.”

Howard Blank - Son of Resident

I love the strength training classes. I feel good, I feel strong and I feel energized. I also have friends in the classes that I go to. There is no comparison; it is superb!

Lawrence Au - Resident

At Legacy I feel like I have a big pair of arms wrapped around me in a big hug.

Anne Hersh - Resident