Our Team

A premier residence needs a premier team. In developing Legacy, we started with a superb central location, then engaged architects and consultants with experience in senior housing. Most importantly, we talked with local seniors themselves, listening to their preferences and advice. Then we turned to The Lumina Group to help us plan Legacy Senior Living. Every staff member on the Legacy team is trained to deliver caring, professional service that will surpass your expectations.

Vice-President, Jason Wertman

Jason has been managing all aspects of the real estate portfolio for the Wertman Group for the last fifteen years- from restoring and maintaining residential properties to commercial leasing to being heavily involved in the construction of the projects.  Jason has been involved in the Leo Wertman Residence from inception through construction and is now overseeing the day to day operations.  While new to the retirement living industry, he has a wealth of knowledge in creating and maintaining high quality living spaces and is eager to keep Legacy Senior Living at the pinnacle of perfection in luxury retirement accommodation.

Assistant General Manager, Kyle Goodwin

Kyle Goodwin brings over 20 years of Hospitality, Tourism and Resort Management and Leadership experience to our team. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations at Legacy, Kyle also leads the Concierge Team and Chauffeurs. His goal is to cultivate excellence through building a community and culture that is welcoming and offers an exceptional experience for the residents and employees. Kyle puts his heart and mind into what he does and is always available to address any questions or concerns residents may have at Legacy.

Wellness Navigator, Rose Ahmad, LPN

Rose is a Licensed Practical Nurse with over 12 years of experience as a Health and Wellness Manager in the retirement industry. Rose’s goal is to support and empower residents to remain independent, enhance their optimal wellness, and enjoy happy and fulfilled lives!

She is happy and proud to be working at Legacy Senior Living.  This is in part due to Legacy’s key differentiation from its competitors  in that we provide Wellness Services in-house, allowing our residents to stay in their homes within the community and receive the support they need to remain independent.

To achieve her goal, Rose participates and works with residents and the rest of the Legacy team to support and empower Legacy residents in maintaining their independence through providing Wellness Services such as: physical exercise classes, creative programs that enhance social, mental, and emotional wellness, assisted living services, education sessions, seminars, and healthy nutrition; thus providing choices to support and educate residents in embracing healthy lifestyles.

Rose believes our seniors can remain healthy and independent and enjoy life to the fullest if they remain physically and mentally active and stay socially engaged. She looks forward to continuing working with Legacy residents and the Legacy team to fulfill her dream of supporting our residents to achieve their goal of happy and healthy aging.

Executive Chef, Rob Cleland

Rob brings a wealth of expertise from the hospitality industry. He takes great pride in bringing the finest cuisine each day. Rob is responsible for managing all daily kitchen operations, oversees food preparation and production and ensures all sanitation and food safety guidelines are met around the clock . He designs all menus, suggests ingredient alternatives and implements practices and training to increase the overall performance of the Food & Beverage Department. He will be in the dining room regularly to enlist feedback.

Maitre d’, Suzanne Samson

Suzanne is a powerhouse. Her friendly, welcoming demeanor and dedication makes her the perfect Maitre’ D. With over 30 years in the hospitality industry, her wealth of knowledge in food and beverage service is impressive. Suzanne has worn many hats over the course of her career including server, bartender, lounge and restaurant manager and owner of a highly successful restaurant. Her diverse background in the service sector together with extensive experience in senior care makes her an exceptional member of our team. With her gracious personality, attention to detail and commitment to your satisfaction, she will always ensure that your dining experience meets and exceeds your expectations.

Chef de Cuisine, Audy Oreiro

From keyboards and screw drivers to tongs and pans! Prior to migrating to Canada in 2005, Audy worked as a computer technician and programmer in the Philippines. However, he soon found his real passion in cooking. “Seniors have a big spot in my heart and I’ve enjoyed cooking for them for more than 10 years. Preparing meals for our senior residents requires passion and creativity in how to enhance the natural flavors of food without relying on salt. It gives me so much joy and a sense of accomplishment to see residents enjoying nutritious, healthy dishes. You can always talk to me about food preferences; I’m here to make everyone happy to the best of my ability.”