Workshop: Identifying Addictions - Legacy Senior Living

This workshop will discuss the 3 main areas of addiction most prevalent in senior adults, the most common risk factors and tips on how to approach a friend or loved one at risk.

Workshop:  Identifying Addictions
Tuesday, October 2nd – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Presented by Council of Senior Citizens’ . Organizations of BC (COSCO) Health & Wellness Institute

Drug and alcohol misuse, abuse, and addiction and other addictive behaviors such as gambling are of great concern no matter what the age of the user, however, these problems have, unfortunately, become all too prevalent within the elderly population

There are many reasons elderly people may be at risk for addictive behaviors in later life.  Many of these problems begin during a period of change or loss such as forced retirement; loss of loved ones or close friends; increasing health concerns and feeling a loss of independence.

The challenges of aging can easily be overwhelming leading seniors to use alcohol, the (non-medical misuse) of prescription drugs or gambling as a coping mechanism.   As time goes on, the issue can become worse and it becomes increasingly difficult to stop the behavior.

Not surprisingly, the signs of addiction are different in older adults than in younger people.  Alcohol or drug abuse may actually mimic symptoms of other medical or mental health disorders, such as diabetes, dementia or depression.   As a result abuse among older people is often hidden, overlooked and misdiagnosed.

This workshop will address the 3 main areas of addiction: alcohol, prescription drugs (non-medical misuse) and gambling.   Risk factors will be discussed and tips on how to approach a friend that may be at risk.

Pre-registration is required by September 30th to 604.240.8550.  Please arrive by 2:15 pm to guarantee your seating.  Thank you.  (No charge to attend)