Workshop: Dealing With Stress - Legacy Senior Living

Join us March 6th – 2:30 – 3:30 pm to learn how to identify sources of stress and ways to deal with and lessen effects of stress.

Dealing With Stress

March 6th – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

With special guest Margaret Ng, from COSCO (Council of Senior Citizens’ Organization of BC) Health & Wellness institute.

Stress management has been associated with increased senior health and well-being.  One might make the assumption that retirement should be a time of less stress but this isn’t always the case.   Senior adults can experience stress from relationships, finances and in some cases, retirement itself as well as other areas of life.

There are a variety of proven coping tips that can alleviate the effects of stress such as meditation, and relaxing exercises that focus on breathing techniques such as yoga.   Often times stress is a reaction to our thoughts and reactions to certain situations.   Learning to look at things in a positive way can change the physical response our body has in a particular situation.

This workshop will look how to identify sources of stress and suggest tips for coping and alleviating stress levels for better health.

Pre-registration is required by March 4th to 604.240.8550.  No charge to attend.

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