Wellness Session: Falls Prevention - Legacy Senior Living

November is Falls Prevention Month.  Join us for this timely information session and learn about the risks for senior adults and how to maintain and improve mobility and balance.

Wellness Session:  Falls Prevention
Tuesday, November 12th – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Presented by Vlad Navarro, Client Care Manager with Home Instead Senior Care

November is Falls Prevention Month!

Falls are the leading cause of injury for senior adults and the main reason why older adults lose their independence (Source: HealthLinkBC).



Here are a few tips to reduce your risk of a fall:  (HealthLinkBC)

  • Maintain a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • Get recommended daily amounts of Vitamin D, Calcium and protein in your diet;
  • Get annual physical checkups, including vision and hearing exams;
  • Maintain a physical activity program to increase your balance (e.g. Tai Chi or Yoga);
  • Take your time going up or down stairs, and step carefully when carrying items.
  • Wear weather appropriate, proper fitting footwear with good support, soles which have non-slip treads and are not so thick that you can’t ‘feel’ how your foot is positioned.
  • Be socially active by joining a community group, or an online community of interest.

Join us for this timely and informative session to learn more about the risk factors for falls for senior adults, and what you can do to improve and maintain your  mobility & balance. (Pictured: Seniors doing Tai Chi)

Stay independent and prevent a fall before it happens!

Please pre-register by November 10th to 604.240.8550.