Six Steps to Better Brain Health - Legacy Senior Living

Maintaining good nutrition practice is just one thing we can do to improve brain health.  Can you name 5 more?

Six Steps to Better Brain Health

  1. Good Nutrition Brain Foods are foods that are rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals or healthy fats. (Example of some healthy brain foods include beets, avocado, broccoli, brussel sprouts,  salmon (fatty fish), walnuts, blueberries, turmeric, rosemary, coconut oil, cocoa, green tea, eggplant, split peas)
  2. Regular Exercise can improve your overall mood and mental health, help relieve stress, improve your memory and sleep.
  3. Good Sleep can directly impact brain and overall physical health by clearing out toxins that build up throughout the day as well as regulate hormones.
  4. Reducing Stress. Chronic stress is proven to be a contributing factor for many mental and physical diseases. For the brain, stress can actually kill brain cells and shrink the brain resulting in cognitive decline.   Luckily, the plasticity of the brain allows it to change and actually rebuild and repair damaged areas as you practice new behaviors to reduce your stress responses.
  5. Being Socially Active There is scientific evidence that people who stay connected with family and friends generally do better on memory tests and cognitive skills.  Studies show they are also less likely to develop dementia than those that are isolated.
  6. Mental Stimulation Stimulating and continually challenging the brain appears to improve its ability to compensate for age-related changes and disease.  Research suggests that doing mental exercises like crossword puzzles or learning a new language can cause the brain to make structural alterations that may increase plasticity and cognitive reserve.