Learning Session: Knowing Your Medications - Legacy Senior Living

It is essential for patients to know the medications their taking to avoid or minimize side effects and interactions with other medications or diet.  Join us to learn more.

Learning Session:  Knowing Your Medications
Tuesday, October 8th – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Presented by Vlad Navarro, Client Care Manager, Home Instead Senior Care

Drugs, the most common medical intervention, are an important part of medical care for seniors. Without drugs, many older people would not function well or die at an earlier age.

It has been estimated that about a half of all seniors do not take drugs as directed by their doctor (a big medical concern). Almost 90% of older adults take at least one prescription drug on a regular basis so it is essential for patients to know the medications that are taking to avoid or minimize side effects, overdosing and interactions with other medications/diet.

Pre-registration is required to 604.240.8550 by October 6th.