Cannabis as a Medicine - Legacy Senior Living

Join us January 29th for this informative session on Cannabis as a Medicine and have your questions answered.  Presented by Canadian Cannabis Clinics.   

Cannabis as a Medicine
January 29th – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Presented by Michael Murchison,
Senior Counsellor
Western Regional Manager
Canadian Cannabis Clinics

Canadian Cannabis Clinics will be giving an educational presentation on:

  • cannabis as a medicine; its medical benefits and risks;
  • the Cannabis Act, the current regulations for adult sale and use of cannabis, with particular focus on the regulations outlined for medical cannabis;
  • how a medical cannabis clinic works and
  • how patients can potentially access medical cannabis legally.

Pre-registration is required by January 27th to 604.240.8550.


Is Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Limiting Access for Medical Cannabis Users? (Editorial by Legacy Senior Living)

Access to recreational cannabis was legalized in October 2018 in Canada however access to cannabis for medical purposes has been legally accessible since 2001.

One of the government’s principal objectives in legalizing recreational pot was to provide “access to quality-controlled cannabis for medical purposes.”

According to a recent report by CTV News, medical cannabis users have complained that, since Oct. 17, they’ve experienced persistent product shortages and shipment delays.

Users of medical cannabis can only buy products from specific licensed producers to have costs covered by their health insurance.   When their preferred product is not available, they either have to go without, or pay out of pocket for products from a recreational pot retailer.

Health Canada has admitted to localized shortages since legalization and expect the shortages to continue for months.   Will this shortage also drive prices up for medical cannabis patients? 

Join us January 29th for an informative presentation from Canadian Cannabis Clinics and have your questions answered.