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Join us for this Information Session with Chadwick Walker, Investment Advisor with Odlum Brown Limited on Sept 26th – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.   (2:00 pm Registration and tour of Legacy Amenities)

After the Sale of Your Home

Tuesday, September 26th – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

An Information Session with special guest Chadwick Walker, Investment Advisor with Odlum Brown Limited.

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Will you have enough to fund your retirement goals?

The housing market in Vancouver is a hot topic of conversation these days. Many home owners may be counting on the equity from their home to fund their retirement goals.

In an on-air interview with CTV Morning Live Host Keri Adams, this is what Chadwick had to say.

Q: Chadwick, when someone is planning to sell or has just sold their home, what do they need to know before they decide to retire on what they’ve earned?

A: Owning a home is a lifestyle choice that can bring a sense of pride and accomplishment. There are many reasons to sell and every situation varies – perhaps your kids are out of the house, you don’t require the space any longer, you want to “right size” to a smaller place or you are considering a move to a retirement community. For people who are in a position to consider a lifestyle change, it’s important to know what to do with the money after the sale.

Q: So what would you suggest for someone who’s looking to retire?

A: Before you go out and do anything with the money, it’s important to know whether you have enough to fund your retirement goals. I would like to suggest three simple steps to help you better understand your financial health and perhaps gain some confidence about your decision to retire.

Step 1: Understand your values as they relate to money.

What is important about money to you and your family? What are your goals or milestones?

Many people, when asked how much money they need, have no idea. How much money do you really need? First, you will need to understand how much you are spending. Track the things you spend money on for a month, such as food, phone, cable, hydro, travel, car, gas, entertainment, memberships, gardening services, insurance, housekeeping services, taxes, and so on. It is important to establish a firm baseline of your current spending. The purpose of this exercise is to get an idea of what is important about money to you and to establish the return you may need to fund your lifestyle.

Step 2: Imagine what your future looks like.

What are some of the costs you will have in the future? How will you pay for your new lifestyle? Do you need income from your portfolio? Do you have enough to support your family?

Step 3: Arrange an appointment with a professional advisor.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your plan for reaching your goals.

Join us for this timely and informative session.  Pre-Registration is required by September 24th at 604.240.8550.  Open to senior adults 55+.  No charge to attend.  

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2:00 pm – Legacy invites you to tour of amenities and enter our draw for chance to win free lunch for two at our Ash Street Bistro restaurant.